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jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

Funds, community fun, and forth coming newbies

Currently at Laguna Blanca we are in a calm before the storm, a storm we are very much looking forward to I might add. Shortly our new interns and volunteers will be arriving to start new research projects. We will also shortly be starting the interview process for applicants to our new assistantship positions. But the deadline is not over so those of you interested should submit your application! If you are interested in birds, rodents, or monkeys, then get in touch at

In other news the trail design for the capuchin project is now coming together. All points have been marked with a GPS and a grid system is emerging. It’s long and hard work but will ultimately save a lot of time and energy once data collection begins. Part of our aim for the capuchin project is to secure external funding from scientific and conservation grant bodies. These funds will provide all necessary equipment and cover all other researcher costs for a minimum of 2 years. Once set up this will be a new and exciting option for interns and volunteers to take part in.

Finally we have just finished a day of outreach work at the reserve. Director of Para la Tierra Karina Atkinson organized a day of education and fun for the surrounding communities to take part in. This involved a presentation, assisted by newly purchased projector and wide screen, on the reserve and the value it has both to science and the people who live near it. After the presentation more than 100 of our guests enjoyed a lunch and a question and answer session. These ongoing steps Para la Tierra are taking with building good relations with the surrounding communities will result in both the reserve and people benefiting.

Until next time ill say goodbye.

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